Girl on brown horse, dressage training, that is galloping. Girl is wearing, black riding hat, black riding jacket, white riding pants and black riding boots.

Horse training at its finest!  The best dressage training and the best eventing training is available at Whispering Farms.

Whispering Farms Equestrian Center has four highly qualified trainers offering their extensive expertise to help horses and riders to reach their Dressage training, Eventing training or Jump training goals.

Whispering Farms is home to:

  • Four exceptionally qualified Dressage trainers. Three who are top FEI trainers and riders.
  • Top level Eventing trainers. Producing national champions.
  • Excellent Hunter/Jumper trainer.

We offer excellent Dressage training

Whispering Farms is home base to four top dressage trainers.  Three of our trainers have extensive FEI experience. All are skilled teachers and riders learning from a number of the top trainers in the country!  

Dressage training is offered from Training Level through the FEI levels to Grand Prix.  

Our farm is home to the sensationally successful dressage trainers and riders of The Platinum Dressage Team!  

We offer excellent Eventing training

We are home base for two eventing trainers.  These trainers have been successful event riders themselves.  They have also trained and coached students to local and national awards.

Eventing training is offered from beginning dressage, the first jumping lessons and the start of your cross county adventure all the way through the advanced levels of three day eventing.

Our farm is home to the award winning riders and trainer of The Platinum Eventing Team!

We offer excellent Hunter/Jumper training

Our Hunter/Jumper trainer has a strong, classical jumping education background.  Working with some the most respected H/J trainers in the country, she brings excellence in teaching and riding to Whispering Farms.

In short, we offer excellence in horse training!

We are proud to provide educational excellence in every discipline we offer.  Horse training is offered from the very first backing and starting of a young sport horse to the training, showing and competing of horses at every level.  

We have a trainer to fit your every need!  From starting a young horse to a full show schedule in any discipline, we have the training you are looking for. Contact us to learn more about which trainer would be a wonderful fit for you and your horse! 

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