Would you like to begin the dressage horse experience? We offer horse leases for those who are interested in dressage or even horse jumping and eventing!

For those riders who do not currently own their own horse, our trainers are available to help you find an appropriate horse to full lease or partial lease.  

Leasing a horse is a wonderful way to participate in most of the aspects of horse ownership without the commitment of purchasing a horse.  Sometimes a horse is available to lease before purchasing.  This is a wonderful way to get to know the horse you are considering buying.

What is a horse lease?

Each horse lease situation is unique.  However, most often a lease involves the lessee taking on the full or partial cost of boarding a horse.  Most lessees will be responsible for the normal monthly costs of shoeing and routine vet care.  

When you lease a horse, you have the opportunity to train with a trainer who best matches your goals, short term and long term. It also gives you the chance to test the waters of horse ownership.  If you decide you would like to own a horse of your own, our expert trainers have extensive experience to help you with the purchase process.  

Whispering Farms Equestrian Center is committed to providing world class educational opportunities for riders of Dressage horses as well as Eventing and Jump horses.

Let us help you with your horse lease for dressage training or jump training (horse jumping)!

Would you like to start your journey in dressage training?

Whispering Farms brings top clinicians and trainers from all over the country as well as from Europe to our farm for continuing education.  Trainers and students alike may take advantage of the clinics either by signing up for rides with these top educators, or spending the day auditing all of the lessons.

Clinics are immersion learning at its very best.  Riders and auditors alike take away so much invaluable information and eagerly await the next clinic!

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