Specialists in the art of Dressage at Whispering Farms!

Whispering Farms Equestrian Center is home to The Platinum Dressage Team.  

The Team is the brainchild of the duo of Audrey Steinbach and Ashley Bearden.  Audrey and Ashley have worked together for more than 25 years.  First as teacher and student - Ashley began riding with Audrey as her trainer at the age of 12!  Now they work together as a Team, both very successful teachers, trainers and riders at the FEI level.

The Team keeps growing with two more top trainers joining the Team at Whispering Farms.  Everyone benefits from this vast knowledge base.  If the dressage arena is your passion, we have the trainers for you!

Would you like to learn more about what Dressage training is?

As described by Wikipedia:

As an equestrian sport defined by the International Equestrian Federation, dressage is "the highest expression of horse training" where "horse and rider are expected to perform from memory a series of predetermined movements."

And as described by the United States Dressage Federation (USDF):

Dressage is a French term meaning training and its purpose is to develop the horse’s natural athletic ability and willingness to work making him calm, supple and attentive to his rider.


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