Katie McCullough

Katie McCullough’s training horses love her, and the feeling is definitely mutual!

Katie prioritizes creating a positive relationship with each horse she work with through her compassionate training, and it definitely shows. Her focus on open communication between horse and rider, and a keen awareness of a horse’s physical, mental and emotional state, results in horses that are happy and successful in their work.

Katie practices modern dressage which adds an emphasis on rider biomechanics to the classical dressage training system. Rider biomechanics is how every movement of a rider affects how a horse carries itself and how it moves. Through exceptional stability in her seat and position, Katie ensures that the horses in her program have a solid foundation before introducing any more intricate movements.

Katie continues her own education seeking out regular lessons. Always looking to further her knowledge, Katie works with highly respected clinicians such as Heather Blitz, Ilse Schwarz, Mary Wanless, Julio Mendoza and more. Her dedication to the sport has paid off in the dressage show ring, where Katie has had great success through the FEI levels.

Katie works with all breeds of horses – from warmbloods to Arabians to cross-breeds. She is known for her work with Friesian sport horses. Katie truly has a passion and dedication to the breed and enjoys training Friesians to the FEI level. She also rides in the National Friesian Keurings and has achieved up through Crown Mare status with her clients’ horses.

Katie is known for the positive and open relationships she creates with her clients. Whether it is updates on your horse’s training or talking you through a new concept with your riding, Katie’s clear and concise communication ensures you’re never in the dark. She is happy to be as involved in your horse’s care as you want her to be, and she always makes time to discuss your horse’s well-being with you.

"In everything Katie does she displays a passion for her riding and for the horses in her care. She is honest and she wants the best for you and your horse. I know that both Kille and I are grateful for everything Katie has done and continues to do for us!"

Best regards,

"Katie is a wonderful trainer of both horse and rider. While riding and teaching is Katie’s career, it is evident that it is also her passion. She cares for her clients’ horses as she would her own and commits her time and attention to developing not only their performance skills, but also their minds, their quality of life, and their overall happiness! I have no doubt that Katie has a bright future ahead both with my horse and with anyone else lucky enough to have her as a trainer. She is a joy to work with and I wholeheartedly recommend her as a trainer."

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