Enjoy the perks of the beautiful indoor arena and outdoor arena at Whispering Farms!

Enjoy our enormous insulated indoor arena with fabulous GGT footing.

Our indoor arena is large enough to fit a full size dressage arena or a full jump course with plenty of room to spare.

The arena has the following:

  • Two specially mixed sands along with GGT have provided a footing that is excellent for dressage, jumping or pleasure riding.
  • Two “Big Ass Fans” which provide a wonderful breeze even during the hottest days.
  • Our arena is enclosed and allows for continuous training even in the most challenging weather conditions.
  • Our arena is insulated helping keep the temperatures less extreme in summer and winter.  
  • The arena lighting makes riding and training possible no matter what your schedule is.  
  • Your rides will be relaxing and fun with the state of the art sound system and music from Pandora for business.
  • Large viewing / seating area

With the soundness and comfort of your horse in mind, Whispering Farms has made footing a top priority for our horses.  Both the indoor and the outdoor arenas have specially mixed sands with the best GGT fibers

Our outdoor arena has plenty of room for all.  It is a wonderful place to ride outside when the weather allows!

The outdoor arena has the following:

  • Three specially mixed sands along with a hefty dose of GGT have provided a footing that is excellent for jumping, dressage or pleasure riding.
  • Groomed daily, weather permitting.
  • Full jump course can be set up,
  • Fenced and with closing gates for safety.
  • Raised and covered sitting / viewing platform.

Whether your passion is a dressage arena or a jump course, our arenas will give you the opportunity to enjoy your sport to its fullest!

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