Exceptional Horse Boarding

Dressage boarding, Eventing Boarding and Jump boarding.  We have the preeminent horse stables for sport horse athletes!

For the care and comfort of the sport horses that are boarded at Whispering Farms, their living environment and their feeding is of utmost importance to us.

Our 12 x 12 stalls are clean, airy and comfortable 

horse stable with stall door open black doors and window in backgroundEach of our stalls has an overhead fan, an automatic waterer, grain feeder and a blanket bar.
Stalls are generously bedded and banked with premium shavings and are cleaned twice daily.  The stalls have completely open grating across the front allowing for maximum air circulation

Horses are fed four times a day 

Whispering Farms Equestrian Center feeds superb quality Tifton 85 or Coastal hay.  We have contracted the best hay sources to ensure that our hay is of the highest standards available for a world class horse stable.

The hay we feed our sport horses is consistently sent for nutrient analysis allowing us to keep a close eye on quality at all times.  Alfalfa is available for those horses who need it.

If desired, owner provided supplements are fed with the grain feeding.  Many of our boarders provide SmartPaks or other supplements for their horses.  We make sure that your horse boarding experience is as customized as possible!

We feed premium grains:

  • Purina Strategy HE
  • Purina Senior
  • Purina Ultium
  • Nutrena Safe Choice
  • Heritage Performance
  • Country Acres

We have the grain option that is perfect for your horse! 

Whispering Farms takes pride in providing each horse with the optimum nutritional feeding program that is uniquely suited to your equine athlete.

Horse boarding for the comfort of the horses

  • automatic flyspray system
  • horses are turned out daily, weather permitting, in groups or in individual paddock.
  • horses feet are picked when they come in from turnout and they are hosed off if needed
  • we provide blanketing in the winter
  • each barn aisle has two large washracks with hot and cold water and overhead fans
  • each barn aisle has four grooming stalls with overhead fans
  • overhead fans in every stall
  • grooming stalls with overhead fans
  • hot and cold water washracks with overhead fans
  • tack cubby for storage of saddles and bridles and other items
  • indoor and outdoor arenas
  • covered and lighted oversized round pen.

For those who enjoy trail riding, our barn has access to miles of equestrian trails located in the adjoining Whispering Farms residential neighborhood.

Dressage boarding for the dressage enthusiast

Our horse stable specializes in creating a productive environment for the dressage enthusiast.  Whispering Farms offers:

  • special GGT footing optimizing the soundness and longevity of dressage horses
  • arena viewing area
  • concert hall sound system with music from Pandora for business
  • dressage arena set up for practice days
  • lessons conducted with two-way headsets for peaceful riding for all riders
  • training available from top FEI trainers
  • clinics available from national and internationally known trainers
  • assistance in buying or selling a dressage horse
  • extended hours to meet most schedule needs.

For those who have a passion for dressage and who enjoy the camaraderie of a positive and enthusiastic learning environment, Whispering Farms is the facility for you!

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