Whispering Farms Equestrian Center, LLC is a horse barn offering the very best in comfort for both horse and rider.

The most important needs of all horses are excellent quality hay which is fed often, nutritious grain, clean and fresh water, time outside, a clean and comfortable horse stall and a reliable daily routine.

What our horse barn offers your horse

We feed hay four times per day and grain twice per day.  Feeding more frequently as we do is more natural and healthy for horses.  We also feed our last hay feeding of the day later than most barns.  Our horses will have hay in front of them well into the night.  Munching horses are happy horses!

Also, for your horse’s health and well-being

In addition to providing the best quality hay and grain, we firmly believe in daily turnout (weather permitting).  Our boarders can select whether their horse is turned out individually or in a group.  Most horses do best with regular turnout.  It is a very important part of their physical and mental well-being.  It also gives the horse stall a chance to air out!  We pick out the horses feet when they come in to their stalls from turnout.  If they need, they are hosed off.

What our horse stalls offer your horse

Our horse stalls are airy and large.  Each stall is 12 x 12.  We also have 2 stalls that are 12 x 24 for horses that need more space.  Each stall is equipped with the following:

  • an industrial strength fan
  • automatic waterer
  • grain feeder
  • blanket bar
  • overhead fly spray system
  • stalls are filled and banked with premium quality shavings
  • stalls are cleaned twice a day.

What our horse barns offers the rider

  • indoor and outdoor arenas
  • equestrian trails
  • trailer parking available
  • hot and cold washracks with overhead fans
  • grooming areas with fans
  • viewing seating area
  • air-conditioned and heated lobby
  • the ground floor of our barn boasts 5 restrooms!
  • locking tack cubbies for each stall located in one of the two large tackrooms
  • washer and drier for small items
  • a refrigerator located in each barn for boarders to use.
  • a security gate which remains closed after normal business hours and on weekends
  • equestrian apparel store, Happenstance.    
  • conveniently located north of Dallas, Plano and Frisco, just off the North Dallas Tollway
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